Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking

Allen Carr will instruct you to keep smoking while you read the book. So don’t try to quit. Remember, this is the easy way to stop smoking, not the hard way.

I recall the days of trying to quit. I had withdrawal pangs and even after a week or two of fighting the urge to go buy my cigarettes, I would still have the perpetual cravings to smoke. Quitting didn’t seem very enjoyable because I didn’t want to live with cravings the rest of my life.

And then I read Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking. He even gave the instructions not to quit smoking while reading the book. So I followed his instructions. And when I finished the book, I just stopped. I didn’t have any more cravings. And I didn’t need pills or patches. I simply read the book and then I stopped. That simple.

So if you are skeptical but you want to stop smoking, you have nothing to lose by reading the book, especially since you are supposed to keep smoking while you read it. This is your opportunity to stop smoking in a way that is enjoyable and easy.


If you read Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking, quit, and then at some point after quitting you made the stupid decision to smoke a cigarette and got addicted again, it is very, very difficult to stop a second time using the Easy Way method. For some reason, it just doesn’t seem to have the same affect the second time around. But there is hope. QuitSure is an app that takes the same psychological approach as Easy Way but comes at it from a slightly different angle. If you started smoking again and you desperately want to quit, download the quitsure app and follow the instructions to a tee.

This app WILL work. BUT…I will warn you: To date I have not been able to find anything to help those who have decided to start smoking again after quitting a second time using the psychological method. So the warning is this: Once you quit using quitsure, don’t be an idiot again. DO NOT EVER SMOKE ANOTHER PUFF FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!! I can’t be any clearer about this. You will be free again with QuitSure. But I can’t guarantee you will be free if you play with fire again. So download this app and free yourself for the rest of your life. If you find yourself tempted to smoke at any time in the future after completing the app, you would be better off contacting us at Kill It Hard to walk you through it and keep you free than to mess up the rest of your life by becoming addicted again. So call us and we’ll help you kill it hard. It’s what we do.